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Translation Services in Different Locations Across Canada, the USA, and Europe

LingoStar Language Services Inc. is a global provider of translation and language services based in Vancouver, BC, Canada serving many different locations. We provide language services in all major Canadian and US cities: Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Seattle, New York, Los Angeles and many other locations. Since 2004, we have been committed to providing high-quality foreign language translation and language services to clients across Canada, the USA and Europe through a network of reliable language professionals. Choosing LingoStar as your translation services provider is a great decision. Not only do we take care of every single aspect of your document  or project, but also guarantee that all personal and corporate data we are working with will not be revealed to other parties. At LingoStar, we understand how important it is that your documents remain confidential. With us you can feel confident in the fact that we will protect your information.

LingoStar Language Services Canada specializes in website translation and localization, document translation, interpretation and voice-over, transcription and transcreation. If you are looking for a professional certified translator, LingoStar is here for you! We also offer different types of tutoring: private, corporate and cross-cultural training.  We are ready to provide you with any kind of language services you need.

You can easily contact us from any location in the world via email or phone. Contact us today, and we will be happy to help you!