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Translation Services Montreal  

Montreal is Canada’s second largest city, and a hub of French Canadian culture. Officially a French-speaking city, Montreal is home to a diversified group of industries that require translation services on an on-going basis, particularly from French to English and English to French. LingoStar’s knowledge and expertise in the Montreal business market can enrich your company with multilingual communications and help you expand on a national and global scale.

We work with professional translators in the Montreal area and we will be happy to meet your translation requirements for English and French or just about any language combination in your region. Please feel free to contact us with your documents for a free quote at

A Truly Multicultural City

Montreal was founded in 1593, and remains one of the oldest cities to be settled in North America. Heavily influenced by French culture, the city is rich with culture and a distinct European flair. While both English and French are taught in schools, in post-secondary institutions, the workplace, and daily communications, French is the most prevalent language.

In Montreal, approximately 68% of the population speaks French at home, compared to 17% who speak English. 15% of the population is multilingual, including Italian, Arabic, Spanish, Creole, Chinese, Greek, Portuguese, Romanian, Vietnamese and Russian. It’s this rich, diverse culture that creates a need for effective and fast translation services for Montreal. Industry in Montreal In addition to being a centre for French culture in Canada, Montreal is a leading centre of commerce, finance, industry, technology, culture, and world affairs. The Port of Montreal is the largest inland port in the world, handling 26 million tonnes of cargo annually. When it comes to transportation, Montreal is the railway hub of Canada and is home to the headquarters of the Canadian National Railway.

Montreal is also a thriving center for film, television, and video game production. Throughout the year, the city is home to many recognized cultural, film and music festivals, including the world renowned Just for Laughs Festival, Montreal Jazz Festival, Montreal Film Festival, and Montreal International Literary Festival, one of the world’s first multilingual literary festivals.

With such a diverse population, culture, and economy, it’s no surprise there is a large demand for translation services in Montreal. LingoStar is well equipped to serve the unique and challenging needs that arise from the multilingual communications and culture thriving in the city and can help you achieve clear communications in multiple languages.