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Translation Services New York

In a globalized marketplace, language is one of the largest hurdles to success. That’s why we serve clients coast to coast and country to country – from the shores of Vancouver all the way to New York City. With LingoStar’s expert translation services, New York residents hold the key to communication for both personal and corporate needs.

We have qualified translators available in New York and we will be happy to take care of your translation needs for many language combinations in your local community, including Spanish and Vietnamese. Please email your documents to to receive a free quote.

A Multilingual Superpower

New York City’s portside location, large population, and iconic cultural status make it a major entry point for millions of immigrants on their way to a new life in America.

With approximately 36% of New York’s current population being foreign-born, it’s estimated that over 800 languages are spoken in the city alone. Spanish leads the way behind English as one of the most-spoken languages. Coupled with New York’s powerful economic hold – it’s estimated NYC controlled 40% of the world’s finances by the end of 2008 — multilingualism is ever-increasing, and so is the pursuit of accurate and effective translation services.

Historically, translations services in New York were accessible only to the most wealthy business owners, creating a lack of access to effective multilingual communication that severely limited small business owners and workers. The Internet has increased access to translation services, and Lingo Star is proud to increase the ability of business owners, workers, and all others to communicate with one another.

The Power of Diversity

When one in ten of the city’s private sector jobs is with a foreign company, and over half the residents speak two or more languages, it pays to be prepared for multilingual communication.

No matter how many languages you speak, it doesn’t have to affect your success. With LingoStar’s translation services for New York, you can communicate across the international board.