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Translation Services Ottawa

Perhaps nowhere else in Canada are translation services more important than Ottawa. As Canada’s capital, there are unique cultural and business practices at play, particularly when it comes to Canada’s two official languages: English and French.

As the Canadian market evolves, translation services in Ottawa are vital. Our expertise in transcultural communication will help you effectively expand your business on a national and global scale.

We work with qualified translators in Ottawa and we will be happy to take care of your English to French translation needs or translate documents into other languages for your local community. Please email us your documents at to receive a free quote.

Canada’s Thriving Capital

A scenic city in the primarily English province of Ontario, Ottawa rests along the Ottawa River with Quebec’s Gatineau rising from the opposite shores. Although separate provinces with divided languages, the two cities form one collective metropolitan area called the National Capital Region – the bilingual, bicultural heart of Canada.

As employment increases, translation services in Ottawa fill a rapidly growing demand. Ottawa continues to sprout hundreds of I.T. and Internet companies which currently employ over 80,000 people, earning Canada’s capital city the nickname ‘Silicon Valley North’. The other leading industries are, not surprisingly, Ottawa’s federal government and public service sectors, with over 110,000 employees to date.

Ottawa’s Many Languages

Canada is active in its preservation of multiculturalism through language. Setting an example for the rest of Canada, 40% of the city’s population is fully bilingual, creating a strong — and steadily increasing — need for translation services in Ottawa.

The City Council of Ottawa has established a bilingual policy requiring that all services, activities and communications be provided to residents in both English and French. Jobs that involve communication often require candidates to communicate in French and English functionally, if not fluently, and a lack of ability to operate in both languages can serve as a huge disadvantage to businesses.

With a rising immigrant population, the city also hosts many inter-cultural and language-related festivals throughout the year for celebration. A majority of Ottawa’s immigrants speak Spanish, Arabic, and Chinese dialects. These groups, sometimes referred to as ‘allophones’, make up a quarter of Ottawa’s population.

In a city with a heavy emphasis on multilingual communications, LingoStar’s translation services for Ottawa are ready to tackle any challenges, large or small, to ensure your business can succeed.