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LingoStar’s Professional Website Translation

Website translation is crucial for your business. Creating a website that is welcoming to multilingual clients around the world is key to becoming a global player. You don’t want to shut out clients before they’re even in the door.

Whether you operate internationally and wish to increase your sales potential in foreign language markets, or a foreign speaking community in your area, website translation is key to reaching potential clients and conveying your message effectively across multilingual boundaries.

LingoStar will provide you with high-quality website translation into any language. Since many countries require you to have more than one language, we know the laws and how to keep your site running in regulation. Our linguists take cultural features into account to ensure your site is culturally and linguistically relevant, no matter the location or language.

Localization is More Important than Ever

When it comes to building your site to attract the target market of your choice, LingoStar goes beyond just language translation to include cultural differences, ensuring your website is localized. Localization is crucial for appealing to a larger target market, especially non-English speaking populations. Since every culture has unique phrases, sayings, and terminology, using a trained and skilled translator is vital to having your website sound natural and welcoming to foreign clients.

This means that your website section in French will not only reach people in France but also French–speaking clients in Quebec, Belgium, Switzerland and former French colonies. Similarly, your Spanish language website will be browsed by the millions of Spanish speakers all over Latin America and Spain, and needs to sound relaxed, fresh, and natural.


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We understand that time and budget are important factors when it comes to translating your website. When we receive the content of your website in a Word document, we run the word count and provide you with a quote within 24 hours.

In order to receive a quote for HTML website translation, please email us individual links to each webpage that requires translation. Also include any text content of banners, images and embedded pictures, compiling this in a separate Word document. We usually provide a quote for HTML website translation within 1-2 days.

If you are planning to reach clients in multilingual demographics, your professionally localized website will welcome them to your business. LingoStar provides professional website translation in Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal. We also offer our website translation services in Seattle, Los Angeles, New York, and in other locations across the USA. Our professional translators will translate your website to Spanish, French, Cantonese, Russian, Italian, German, and a lot of other languages of your choice.

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